Utila's Restaurants
RJ's BBQ and GrillR.J.s
Our favorite and our neighbor - right across the street from Alton's Dive Center R.J.s offers a BBQ Grill menu including steaks, fish and huge burgers all in big satisfying portions . Only open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays it is always popular so be sure to turn up early and get a table. Don't forget to try their world famous rumonade (rum and home made lemonade).

Driftwood Cafe
Right at the opposite end of town you'll find Driftwood Cafe just before the public beach. Texan style menu and texan style servings. You won't go hungry here with a menu with a texan twist, cold beers and cocktails with a view over the bay.

La Piccola
Right in the center of town La Piccola is an authentic Italian restaurant with a range of wines and large menu. The pasta dishes are made with home made pasta and for those who can't quite afford it there is a back packer menu as well.

Island Cafe
In front of Coco Loco bar, Island Cafe has a huge menu ranging from burgers to roast pork and fish. Great for take aways as well eating the restaurant.

Hollands Cafe
You'll find Hollands Cafe in the center of town tucked away behind Hollands Hotel. Only open for lunch and popular with locals, Hollands Cafe serves traditional local food. Typically meat or fish with beans, rice and vegetables. A set menu with usually two choices, turn up early to be sure of getting lunch here - the local people like to eat early!

Right next door to Bundu Cafe Paisano has a broad menu and offers a good cheaper alternative for those on a bit of a budget. Also runs a local taxi service.

Bundu Cafe
A popular tourist hangout. Bundu opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the evenings it has more of a bar atmosphere than a restaurant atmosphere and there are often pub quizzes and other entertainments. Has decking on the street front which makes a good place to stop and grab a coffee to watch Utila go by.

In the middle of town, on the point side of the cross roads. Mermaids offers a hot buffet. Fast food to eat in or take away, there is an air-conditioned seating area and they have a decent internet and copying service as well.

Near to Alton's opens for breakfast and lunch. Good satisfying subs and tasty milkshakes.

Big Mama's CafeBig Mama's
Open's early for breakfast. Fruit salads, pancakes, cereals, and Big Mama's Big Breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans, plantain, toast, and coffee. Lunches as well, burgers, subs, sandwiches, fries, etc. Milkshakes in a variety of flavours depending on the available fruit. Most days there is a 'Special' lunch in the local island style but get there early as they sell out fast.

Seven Seas
Close to Alton's Dive Center Seven Seas offers a daily special of island cooking, burgers, chicken nuggets, and similar, all for take away or eat in. They also serve an island favorite, the baliada - a flour tortilla filled with beans, onions and cheese. When served this way they are cheap (typically less than 10 lempiras, about 50 cents), but Seven Seas will also fill with egg, sausage, meat, and so on. The "super baliada"  is a good hungry diver lunch!

Jade Seahorse
A hotel, a restaurant and a bar in a tree. The decor and architecture is worth going for alone, grab a cocktail in the bar have a look around and decide what to eat from the exotic selections that make up the menu.

An old colonial style building right on the main street, you can't miss Munchies which opens for breakfasts, lunch and dinner.  Good breakfasts, with a veranda which makes a great place to sit a while and watch the world go by.

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